23/2/2022 updated

Following the government's announcement yesterday extending its social distancing measures to 20 April to curb the escalating COVID-19 pandemic, the 12-day HKIFF46 scheduled initially between 31 March and 11 April will now be postponed. Patrons could visit our official website (www.hkiff.org.hk) regularly for updates and announcements.

The remaining screenings of Cine Fan Jan/Feb/Mar Programme will also be cancelled. For refund, ticket holders may fill out an application form online (https://www.hkiff.org.hk/society/Refund/) or return the completed form (https://www.hkiff.org.hk/....../Cine_Fan_Refund_form......) with ticket(s) by post to the Hong Kong International Film Festival Society Office (8/F, The Rays, 71 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong) on or before 22 April 2022 (All services fees will not be refunded).

DateVenueTimeFilm Title
8-JanHK Arts Centre (AC)14:30Love in the Afternoon
17:15The Broadcast + Reconstruction
20:15Days of '36
16:45The Marriage Circle
18:50The Travelling Players
15-JanEmperor Cinemas iSQUARE (IS)15:00The Hunters
18:15Trouble in Paradise
20:30Design for Living
16-Jan14:00Alexander the Great
20:35Bluebeard's Eighth Wife
21-Jan19:45Journey to Cythera
23-Jan14:30The Shop Around the Corner
17:25To Be or Not to Be
19:35The Beekeeper
28-JanTai Kwun (TK)19:30Trilogy: The Weeping Meadow
29-Jan14:30Landscape in the Mist
17:25The Suspended Step of the Stork
20:50The Merry Widow
30-Jan14:30Ulysses' Gaze
18:15Heaven Can Wait
20:50Cluny Brown
5-FebEmperor Cinemas iSQUARE (IS)14:15Eternity and a Day
17:50The Dust of Time
20:40The Marriage Circle
6-Feb15:00Trouble in Paradise
19:30The Broadcast + Reconstruction
12-FebHK Arts Centre (AC)14:30Days of '36
17:00Design for Living
19:15Bluebeard's Eighth Wife
13-Feb14:30Trilogy: The Weeping Meadow
18:10The Merry Widow
20:30Love in the Afternoon
19-FebTai Kwun (TK)15:15The Travelling Players
20-Feb15:00The Beekeeper
17:45Journey to Cythera
20:50The Shop Around the Corner
17:15Heaven Can Wait
20:00Landscape in the Mist
27-Feb15:30The Suspended Step of the Stork
19:00Ulysses' Gaze
05-MarHK Arts Centre (AC)19:30Alexander the Great
06-Mar19:30The Hunters
12-MarEmperor Cinemas iSQUARE (IS)14:15To Be or Not to Be
16:30Eternity and a Day
13-Mar14:15The Dust of Time
17:15Cluny Brown