3 Women

  • Dir: Robert Altman

  • USA, 1977, English, 124mins, DCP

  • Cast: Shelley Duvall, Sissy Spacek, Janice Rule

Set in an arid Californian desert town, Altman’s languid yet beguiling psychodrama follows the timid, child-like Pinky, as she befriends the ditzy, air-headed chatterbox, Millie. They work together at a health spa for the elderly and share a modest apartment overseen by a heavily pregnant Willie, who spends her days adorning the surrounding buildings with bizarre, erotically charged murals. Drawing deserved parallels to Ingmar Bergman’s Persona , the lives of these three seemingly independent women become inextricably intertwined. 3 Women unfurls like a sun-stroked fever dream, where lucid tenets of reality and identity soon become elusive, fluid constructs evaporating into the expansive wilderness.

Cannes Film Festival: Best Actress