Binding Sentiments(Holdudvar)

  • Dir: Márta Mészáros

  • Hungary, 1969, Hungarian, 86mins, DCP

  • Cast: Mari Töröcsik, Lajos Balázsovits, Kati Kovács

Family bonds become a pitfall from which a woman struggles to escape in Mészáros’ quietly devastating sophomore feature. Her unusual heroine this time is a wealthy, middle-aged woman who, following the sudden death of her prominent politician husband, plunges into an existential crisis. While yearning to cut loose from the past and to be independent, she finds her life falling into the control of her elder son, who keeps her under the surveillance of his fiancée. Furthering her exploration of the recurring themes of patriarchal reign, traditional values and generation gap, Mészáros strikingly illustrates how these predicaments affect all women.