British Sounds (a.k.a. See You at Mao)

  • Dir: Dziga Vertov Group (Jean-Luc Godard, Jean-Henri Roger)

  • UK, 1970, English, 51mins, DCP, French subtitles

British Sounds begins with a voice: ‘The bourgeoisie created a world in its image. Comrades, let us destroy that image.’ For Godard himself, he chose to adapt his aesthetics of yore for his new message. Over ceaseless voiceovers condemning capitalism and patriarchy, experimental visuals run amok: a tracking shot à la Weekend in a car factory, a workers’ meeting relayed through Michael Snow-style wild pans. A wild cacophony of artistic and ideological contradictions, British Sounds somehow remains one of the most intriguing artefacts in Godard’s most intriguing phase. Screening with Pravda.


    In-theatre Screening