Christine (a.k.a. Dance Programme)(Un Carnet de Bal)

  • Dir: Julien Duvivier

  • France, 1937, French, 130mins, DCP

  • Cast: Marie Bell, Françoise Rosay, Louis Jouvet

Recently widowed and wealthy, Christine reminisces on the dance programme of her enchanting debutante ball 20 years ago, a night filled with promises of eternal love from her many suitors. Wondering what became of the young men she danced with, she embarks on a journey that’s almost like a pilgrimage, revealing seven stories of unrequited love, disillusionment, and the darkness of the human psyche, which is a signature of French master Julien Duvivier. Featuring a top cast of 1930s French cinema and employing vastly different styles for the various segments, this twistladen waltz of emotion and obsession has another round of pivots and spins in Hollywood four years later.

Venice Film Festival: Best Foreign Film

Kinema Junpo Awards: Best Foreign Language Film


In-theatre Screening