Design for Living

  • Dir: Ernst Lubitsch

  • USA, 1933, English, 91mins, DCP

  • Cast: Fredric March, Gary Cooper, Miriam Hopkins

Hugely controversial at the time of its release for its frank discussions of sexual behaviour, Lubitsch’s loose adaptation of Noël Coward’s Broadway play proved a notable box office success and is now regarded as a classic of Hollywood’s pre-Code era. Split between Paris, London and New York, it sees a charming girl-of-fortune meeting and falling in love with two handsome Americans: a struggling painter and his best friend, an equally unsuccessful playwright. Unable to choose between her two suitors, the trio enters into a platonic three-way relationship with predictably calamitous, yet often hilarious, results.


    In-theatre Screening

    • Cancelled2022-01-15 (Sat)
      Cancelled2022-02-12 (Sat)