Fando and Lis(Fando y Lis)

  • Dir: Alejandro Jodorowsky

  • Mexico, 1968, Spanish, 97mins, DCP

  • Cast: Diana Mariscal, Sergio Kleiner

The key that opens the labyrinths in Jodorowsky’s weird world of occult psychedelia can be discovered in this stunning debut. Searching for the mythical land of Tar, the impotent Fando and the paralytic Lis embark on a picaresque journey across a bizarre desert landscape that plays out like a tour of perversions and grotesquerie, where paedophilia, libidinous grannies and mud-bathing zombies are the order of the day. Like a thorough derangement of La Strada, Jodorowsky’s strangely mesmerising tale is indebted to the carnivalesque spirit of Fellini, unfolding his adventure for kaleidoscopic imagery, astonishing archetypes and metaphysical questing.



In-theatre Screening