• Dir: Jean-Luc Godard

  • France, 2010, French, 101mins, DCP

  • Cast: Jean Marc Stehlé, Agatha Couture, Mathias Domahidy, Patti Smith

Godard's first fully-digital feature begins with an ensemble drama set on a Mediterranean cruise ship fragmented to the point of abstraction, as various characters (a French journalist, a former Nazi spy, a Russian officer, an Israeli academic...) are caught in a historical intrigue involving gold coins from the Spanish Civil War that went missing owing to Soviet involvement. The film's second movement addresses the media and contemporary electoral politics by focusing on a TV news crew and a French family operating a gas station. A final movement features locales of historical and cultural significance: Egypt, Palestine, Odessa, Greece, Naples, and Barcelona.


Cannes Film Festival: Un Certain Regard Section


10/6 (Sat): Film talk with Long Tin


    In-theatre Screening