Floating Weeds

  • Dir: Ozu Yasujiro

  • Japan, 1959, 119minmins, DCP

  • Cast: Nakamura Ganjiro, Kyo Machiko, Wakao Ayako, Kawaguchi Hiroshi

“In Floating Weeds , Ozu had evoked his most splendid colors… The first kiss in the back alley is draped with a shower of shredded paper, like drifting snow, and falling petals. He captured the agitation of youthful passion with a static shot… The troupe master is serenely sipping sake in the tiny sitting room of the restaurant’s lady owner. A blazing bloom of red outside is framed by the large window. But loneliness slips in, as in all of Ozu’s films. The red blossoms may rage all they might, loneliness is still a stubbornly loyal companion.” – Dreamy Talks I


In-theatre Screening

  • Full House2019-01-20 (Sun)
    Buy Tickets2019-02-15 (Fri)
  • The Grand Cinema
  • Tai Kwun
  • Chinese Subtitles
  • Full House


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