Four Nights with Anna(Cztery noce z Anna)

  • Dir: Jerzy Skolimowski

  • Poland/France, 2008, Polish, 91mins, DCP, Category III

  • Cast: Artur Steranko, Kinga Preis, Jerzy Fedorowicz

After a 17-year hiatus, Skolimowski has lost none of his power to provoke, astound and amuse, returning with a delicate tragiccomic parable of love. Living alone after his grandmother’s passing, a painfully shy crematorium worker channels his voyeuristic passion for a nurse by sneaking into her room at night while she sleeps. Ascetic, unsettling yet heartbreakingly romantic, this intimate story treats the stark reality with a poetic and elliptical approach, exploring the solitude of obsession in unrequited love, while playing with an austere ambiguity of how a desperate courage verging on insanity will end up in a world built with barriers.

Tokyo International Film Festival: Special Jury Prize

Polish Film Awards: Best Director and Best Cinematography




    In-theatre Screening