Good Morning(Ohayo)

  • Dir: Ozu Yasujiro

  • Japan, 1959, Japanese, 94mins, DCP

  • Cast: Sada Keiji, Ryu Chishu, Miyake Kuniko, Sugimura Haruko

Nearly three decades later, Ozu reworked his mischievous silent masterpiece into a Technicolor comedy, vividly reflecting the transformation of family life in the new postwar era. Set in a close-quartered suburban neighbourhood, this genial comedy continues the story of two rambunctious boys, who now take their protest in a vow of silence for a different reason – to coerce their parents into buying a TV set. A farting gag expands to become an apt metaphor for verbal flatulence. All this domestic intrigue and earthy humour underlie a thought-provoking theme in a changing world: whether small talk is a social lubricant or barrier to true communication.

2/3 (Sat): Film talk with Edith Chiu


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