Human Nature

  • Dir: Michel Gondry

  • France/USA, 2001, English/French, 96mins, DCP

  • Cast: Tim Robbins, Patricia Arquette, Rhys Ifans

Living an animal existence in a forest away from civilisation, an ape-like man is discovered by a couple – a male psychologist who wants to condition him to act as humans do, and a female writer suffering from abnormal bodily hair growth. The involvement of the psychologist’s seductive assistant complicates matters for everyone involved. For his feature debut, Michel Gondry gives a quaintly retro vibe to Charlie Kaufman’s script that characteristically addresses the mind-body problem in a quirky, distinctive way, neurotically anticipating that man’s baser instincts will get the better of him.

National Board of Review Awards: Best Screenplay

15/1 (Sun): Seminar with Derek Lam and Mimi Wong


    In-theatre Screening