I Was Born, But...(Umarete wa mita keredo)

  • Dir: Ozu Yasujiro

  • Japan, 1932, Silent, 91mins, DCP

  • Cast: Saito Tatsuo, Yoshikawa Mitsuko, Sugawara Hideo, Tokkan Kozo

Moving to a new neighbourhood in the Tokyo suburbs with their parents, two brothers who are bullied by local kids struggle to emerge as the gang leaders. Angry and shaken to witness their mighty father playing jester to the boss, they throw a tantrum and go on a hunger strike. One of Ozu's most popular silent classics, it starts as a story about children and ends up with a film about grownups. Deftly capturing the city-suburb conflicts through the world of children’s play, Ozu turns a blithe yet poignant evocation of the tumult of childhood into an affecting portrait of the psychological toils of an ordinary family under worldwide financial depression.