Journey to Cythera(Taxidi sta Kythira)

  • Dir: Theo Angelopoulos

  • Greece, 1984, Greek, 139mins, DCP

  • Cast: Manos Katrakis, Giulio Brogi, Mary Chronopoulou

Setting out to contrast the truth inherent in the Homeric myth of Odysseus and the bleak reality of modern Greek, Angelopoulos contrived a film-within-a-film narrative as a metaphor for searching for a displaced father. Returning from exile in the Soviet Union, the old leftist attempts to reconnect with his former life and his ancestral land, only to find a son and a country become virtually unknown to him, and a life destined to be adrift. The first chapter in the “Trilogy of Silence”, this is a profoundly poetic meditation on a man’s failure to reconcile with his present, and a country’s inability to resolve with its past. 

Cannes Film Festival: Best Screenplay and FIPRESCI Prize


In-theatre Screening

  • Cancelled2022-01-21 (Fri)
    Cancelled2022-02-20 (Sun)