Just Like Home(Olyan, mint otthon)

  • Dir: Márta Mészáros

  • Hungary, 1978, Hungarian, 109mins, DCP

  • Cast: Jan Nowicki, Zsuzsa Czinkóczi, Anna Karina

Evoking Alice in the Cities, Mészáros’ strangely beautiful work concerns itself with the emotional and sensual bond between an estranged man and a provincial girl. On his return from America, András simply cannot find his place; but through fostering the same spiritually abandoned girl, they form a fragile relationship that seems to count for anything – the true home at last. The subtle antagonism between his former love and his adopted daughter – the elegant, delicate Anna Karina and the untamed, sensitive Zsuzsa Czinkóczi – steals the scene, as the radiant countryside scenery augments a quiet contemplation of displacement, loneliness and attachment.

San Sebastián International Film Festival: Silver Shell Award