Love Unto Death(L'amour à mort)

  • Dir: Alain Resnais

  • France, 1984, French, 92mins, DCP

  • Cast: Sabine Azéma, Fanny Ardant, Pierre Arditi, André Dussollier

Resnais' intense psychological drama is one of his boldest experiments, where chronology and plot are abandoned for deeply esoteric musings on love, death and religion. At its centre is an atheist couple, whose loving relationship is disrupted when the husband is pronounced dead but mysteriously comes back to life, with memories of a hereafter. Punctuated with the serenely ominous score by Hans Werner Henze against the interludes of a snow-filled sky, this haunting ode to eternal love is at once the director's provocative exploration on the pain of life and creative potential. 

Venice Film Festival: In Competition


In-theatre Screening

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    Full House2022-10-29 (Sat)