My Sweet Little Village(Vesničko má středisková)

  • Dir: Jiří Menzel

  • Czechoslovakia, 1985, Czech, 103mins, DCP

  • Cast: János Bán, Marián Labuda, Rudolf Hrušínský

Another ode to the blissful simplicity of provincial life and celebration of the gentle shenanigans of country folk – this time, the story concerns a lanky, good-natured simpleton, whose absent-minded blunders threaten his fraught friendship with a rotund, cranky lorry driver he works with, until he is conned to accept a job offer in Prague. Dotted with a bunch of eccentric characters, Menzel’s warm and effortlessly entertaining reverie uses everyday life as an instrument for a subtle critique of bureaucracy – though his real pursuit may just be consuming beer under the sun.

Academy Awards: Best Foreign Language Film nomination


    In-theatre Screening