One P.M. (a.k.a. One Parallel Movie)

  • Dir: Jean-Luc Godard, Richard Leacock, D.A. Pennebaker

  • USA, 1971, English, 90mins, SD

  • Cast: Amiri Baraka, Eldridge Cleaver, Jean-Luc Godard

Originally titled One A.M. (One American Movie), One P.M. is a rare and fascinating film with a clash of ideas and methods between two documentary filmmakers. The mutual admiration between Godard and Pennebaker led them to make this film about the possibility of revolution in the US. A series of interviews with political activists including Eldridge Cleaver, Tom Hayden, The Jefferson Airplane, were intercut with commentaries by Rip Torn. Godard eventually abandoned the film and the two American directors re assembled the rushes with their footage of Godard at work to reveal much more than Godard could have imagined.


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