Perfect Blue

  • Dir: Kon Satoshi

  • Japan, 1997, Japanese, 81mins, DCP

  • Cast: Voice Cast: Iwao Junko, Matsumoto Rica, Tsuji Shinpachi

Leaving her idol group to pursue an acting career, Mima’s transformation of her virginal girl-next-door persona into a mature woman not only draws ire from fans, but also conjures up selfdoubt and reproach. When threats of violence mount as her working partners fall prey to murder, Mima’s grip on reality begins to collapse. A cautionary tale about the commodification of pop idols, Kon’s directorial debut – loosely based on the novel by Takeuchi Yoshikazu – is a disturbing Hitchcockian psychological thriller that delves into the psyche of being in the ever-judging eyes of the public.


Berlin International Film Festival: Fantasia International Film Festival: Best Asian Film


In-theatre Screening

  • Full House2021-08-18 (Wed)
    Full House2021-08-24 (Tue)
    Full House2021-08-30 (Mon)


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