Point Blank

  • Dir: John Boorman

  • USA, 1967, English, 92mins, DCP

  • Cast: Lee Marvin, Angie Dickinson, Keenan Wynn, John Vernon

Betrayed and left for dead on Alcatraz by his wife and best friend, ageing tough guy Walker storms into Los Angeles looking for revenge and the money they stole from him. What he discovers is a monolithic crime syndicate, for whom his very existence is a trivial inconvenience, but nevertheless he enlists his beautiful sister-inlaw as accomplice to his violent and increasingly Pyrrhic endeavour. Caught between the jaded gunslingers of post-war westerns and the drug-addled psychedelia of the swinging sixties, Boorman’s hallucinogenic neo-noir emerges as part hardboiled thriller, part experimental nouvelle vague art film, a visually arresting fever dream of fractured memories and bruised machismo that embodies Hollywood’s own existential identity crisis.

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