The Broadcast(I Ekpompi)

  • Dir: Theo Angelopoulos

  • Greece, 1968, Greek, 21mins, DCP

  • Cast: Theodoros Katsadramis, Lina Triantafillou, Nikos Mastorakis

An experimental homage to the “free cinema” of the period, Angelopoulos’ debut short film begins like a cinema vérité, and is also a subtly absurdist and subversive satire that slyly past the censors during the beginning of military dictatorship. Comprising long takes and sequence shots which prefigure his signature style, the story follows a group of television journalists wandering around Athens, asking passersby for their definition of the “ideal man”. An ordinary man is randomly picked as the winner, whose ultimate award is no more than becoming a puppet in a media show. Screening with Reconstruction.

 Thessaloniki Film Festival: Best Short Fiction Award


In-theatre Screening

  • Cancelled2022-01-08 (Sat)
    Cancelled2022-02-06 (Sun)