The Dreamers

  • Dir: Bernardo Bertolucci

  • France/Italy/UK, 2003, English, 115mins, DCP, Category III

  • Cast: Michael Pitt, Eva Green, Louis Garrel

In the spring of 1968, as the French capital was on the brink of impending chaos, Matthew, an American student, meets the beautiful Parisian siblings Isabelle and Theo outside the Cinémathèque Française protesting against the removal of its influential founder Henri Langlois. Bonding over their shared love of cinema, Matthew is invited to stay with the twin brother and sister in their spacious apartment, where their passion soon spills over into a voracious ménage à trois. When not exploring the possibilities of their erotic couplings, they debate politics and philosophy, and reenact famous sequences from classic movies. Bertolucci, as provocative and sexually amoral as ever in his sensual direction, nurtures the creation of this utopian idyll, but cynically and persistently teases the threat of encroaching violence and upheaval from the streets below.


In-theatre Screening