The Holy Mountain(La montaña sagrada)

  • Dir: Alejandro Jodorowsky

  • Mexico, 1973, English, 113mins, DCP, Category III

  • Cast: Alejandro Jodorowsky, Horacio Salinas, Zamira Saunders

Evoking the imaginations of Hieronymus Bosch, Jodorowsky’s dazzling satire on consumerism, militarism and the lunacy of modern life unfurls like a hallucinogenic daydream and a decadent nightmare at once. Unleashing waves of religious symbolism and blasphemy, the free-association narrative revolves around a Christ-like character seeking enlightenment under the tutelage of ‘The Alchemist’, who assembles a group of emblematic figures to take over the Immortals. Brimming with intoxicating visual grandeur and outrageous shocks at every turn, The Holy Mountain stands at the pinnacle embodying all the violent, beautiful and surreal ideals of phantasmagorical cinema.

Cannes Film Festival

19/11 (Sun): Seminar with Keeto Lam and Bryan Chang



In-theatre Screening

  • Full House2023-11-19 (Sun)
    Full House2023-12-24 (Sun)