The Image Book(LE LIVRE D’IMAGE)

  • Dir: Jean-Luc Godard

  • France/Switzerland, 2018, French, 85mins, DCP, Category III

As Godard approaches 90, he offers us another meditative reflection on the technologies and implications of cinema, in counterpoint to the atrocities of the Holocaust, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and struggles across the Middle East. In five chapters, which Godard likens to the five fingers of the hand, he recycles images, sounds, and ideas from previous works, but also explores new territory. Recalling his collage masterpiece Historie(s) of Cinema, The Image Book is Godard’s self-penned eulogy that shows him pushing the manipulation of image and sound to a new level as he pours out his pained analysis of who and what we are now.


Cannes Film Festival: Special Palme d'Or


Cahiers du Cinéma: Best Film


    In-theatre Screening