Tout va bien

  • Dir: Dziga Vertov Group (Jean-Luc Godard, Jean-Pierre Gorin)

  • France/Italy, 1972, French/English, 96mins, DCP, Category III

  • Cast: Yves Montand, Jane Fonda, Vittorio Caprioli

With his last full-length collaboration with Jean-Pierre Gorin, Godard finally found the perfect blend of revolutionary theory and practice with Tout va bien. Revolving around a messy factory takeover which echoes the failed social revolutions of 1968, the film focuses on the collision between a jaded New Wave filmmaker (Yves Montand), a disgruntled liberal journalist (Jane Fonda), and factory workers whose lives they have sympathised with from afar. A dizzying concoction of spectacular mise-en-scene and stirring calls for political action, Tout va bien is a masterpiece which will leave both activists and cinephiles truly breathless.


Berlin International Film Festival: Interfilm Award - Recommendation


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