Trilogy: The Weeping Meadow(Trilogia: To livadi pou dakryzei)

  • Dir: Theo Angelopoulos

  • Greece/France/Italy/Germany, 2003, Greek, 167mins, 35mm

  • Cast: Alexandra Aidini, Nikos Poursanidis, Giorgos Armenis

Lines of kayak solemnly paying tribute to a funeral along the river; a herd of slaughtered sheep hanging omenlike on a tree; a group of travelling musicians playing their haunting score among a field of flying white sheets… a procession of starkly beautiful, almost mythical, images pave the life journey of Eleni, an orphan adopted by a family returning to Greece after their exile in Odessa, only to continue her never-ending exile among wars. Capturing the changing tides of the history of Greece between 1919 and 1949, Angelopoulos chants his elegy on human fate, of pain and passion, of solitude and loss.

European Film Awards: FIPRESCI Prize
Berlin International Film Festival: In Competition


    In-theatre Screening

    • Cancelled2022-01-28 (Fri)
      Cancelled2022-02-13 (Sun)