A False Student (Screening cancelled)(Nise daigakusei)

  • Dir: Masumura Yasuzo

  • Japan, 1960, Japanese, 94mins, 35mm

  • Cast: Wakao Ayako, Fujimaki Jun, Jerry Fujio

Transfiguring Nobel laureate Oe Kenzaburo’s novel into a more cynical twist befitting the 1960s landscape of leftist student activism, Masumura crafts a noirish drama permeated with scathing commentary on anarchic mistrust and collective deception. His tragic antihero is a desperate young man who, after failing his entrance exams to a prestigious university, pretends to be a freshman and falls in with a group of student activists. Mistaken as a communist agitator by the cops and as a police informer by the students, he suffers at the hands of both sides, while truth becomes the foremost victim. 

A False Student cancelled, replaced by The Blue Sky Maiden. Click here for more details.


    In-theatre Screening