The Horse Thief

  • Dir: Tian Zhuangzhuang

  • 1986, 1986, 88minmins, DCP

  • Cast: Cexiang Rinzin, Dan Jiji, Daiba, Gaoba

Cited by Martin Scorsese as one of the best films of its time, The Horse Thief is a crowning achievement of the Fifth Generation of Chinese filmmakers. Director Tian Zhuangzhuang’s sublime drama is both an engrossing study of a Chinese minority people – the rural tribes of the remote Tibetan mountains – and a visually stirring parable of transgression and redemption. Tribesman Norbu dutifully abides by his Buddhist faith, yet has to betray his religion by stealing horses in order to support his family. Banished by his tribe and then beset by tragedy, Norbu decides to reaffirm his faith, only to have it tested once more. Using stark landscapes, meticulous cultural details, and a spare screenplay, Tian’s cinematic allegory examines the conflicts and contradictions at the heart of a rapidly-changing China. The restored vivid colors demand to be seen on the big screen and highlight the soulfulness of the film’s breath-taking landscape.



    In-theatre Screening

    • Full House2018-08-26 (Sun)


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